June 22, 2024
Credit Tiara Yachts

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Tiara Yachts, the eternal quest for excellence

Tiara Yachts is the story of a passionate shipbuilder who decided to design his own boat in his garage in the 1950s. This man is none other than Leon Slikkers, then an employee of Chris-Craft, who succeeded in assembling his first runabout in 1954 under the name Slickcraft.

The positive feedback obtained from this first model led him to launch the production of other boats of excellent quality, leading the AMF group to buy his company in 1969. Leon Slikkers nevertheless continued to imagine other models of ships and launched the S2 brand in 1974, before developing the yachts marketed under the Tiara Yachts brand .

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Like the other companies created by Slikkers, Tiara Yachts is renowned for its endless quest for excellence in the design, layout and performance of its boats. The group has set itself the credo of designing boats intended to be sources of pleasure, objects of pride and supports for investments that will last.

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Tiara Yachts still maintains this philosophy in the design and production of its boats. The purchase of a ship from this brand therefore presents itself as an excellent investment, which nevertheless involves fairly substantial financing. Most buyers finance the purchase of a yacht of this brand using a bank loan . If this is also your wish, you can simplify the search for your Tiara Yachts credit with the help of Boursedes credits.

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