June 22, 2024
economy-class ticket

At the Dubai airport, there are lounges in both Terminals 1 and 3, so you can be more comfortable. They have a cost per hour that must be paid for. Your price will depend on the number of hours you stay in it.

In the case of using the lounges and having a single-entry visa, in NO way should you leave the airport (make migrations) since you would be using the only key you have, and when you return to take the contracted services in the Emirates, you will not have the corresponding visa for entry. The access cannot be managed at the destination, and you risk being deported.

You can use the lounges, regardless of the air class you travel to, and no prior reservation is required. However, remember that it is a Service with a cost.

Both lounges (Terminal 1 and 3) have the following amenities:

* Business Center: computers with internet access, Wi-Fi, Fax and telephone.

* Food and Drinks: Arabic and continental food with various hot and cold drinks.

Likewise, depending on the connection times you have to take the next flight, we recommend you make a reservation at the hotel located within the transit zone (it is not necessary to do migrations) in Terminals 1 and 3, a service that we can offer you in case you request it.

Common airport lounges are busy patios were waiting for your flight is not exactly comfortable: some are seated, and there will even be some sleeping on the floor; others speak out loud, and there are those who occupy ten seats with your hand luggage. In this case, the VIP lounges will help you, and having access to them is optional to have a ticket for business class.

  1. All lounges have a buffet with complimentary snacks and drinks.
  2. You can read, watch TV or play board games in quiet rooms. Flight waiting time will go unnoticed.
  3. The VIP rooms are equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas where one can relax.
  4. Not to mention the possibility of taking a shower, enjoying a massage and, in some, visiting a beautician, all for free.
  5. For VIP passengers with children, there are children’s playrooms.

1. Have a bank card that gives you bonuses:

Some bonus cards guarantee access to specific lounges. For example, World Elite MasterCard and World MasterCard Black Edition (+20 euros per ticket) give you access to the executive lounges of companies associated with MasterCard. It is a good investment for those who fly frequently. The same program works, for example, in the United States. American Express Platinum cardholders have access to more than 1,000 lounges nationwide.

2. Buy a “Priority Pass” subscription card:

“Priority Pass” is a club card that allows free access to business lounges in airports in most countries.

Issuing the card is free of charge. Therefore, it is necessary to register on the official website, select a rate and, in a month, receive it by mail. With some fares, it is required to pay a symbolic amount for the entrance to the lounge.

3. Request a loyalty card and redeem points:

Surely more than once, you will have received an email giving you the possibility of obtaining this type of card. Surprisingly, many passengers turn them down, but they have yet to succeed.

In a few words, this card usually accumulates Points for flights you can exchange for the entrance to the executive lounge or another service within its offers and program for issues. For example, if you fly at least five times a year with the same airline, you can accumulate points for a free ticket in business class.

In addition, you can also accumulate them using bank cards that share offers since you get bonus points for your purchases. You can also exchange these for those of the airline.

4. Become a favourite customer and get the airline club card:

Many airlines are from international alliances. For example, under the name of Star Alliance, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, and United Airlines operate. Thus, you can register for the alliance’s unique program and get access to all the premium lounges of the airlines mentioned above.

5. Pay there or online:

Enter the airport executive lounge if you have an economy-class ticket.

It is possible to pay for several hours of relaxation in advance through online services (usually cheaper), for example, at LoungeBuddy. Or buy the ticket directly at the airport. 

Here are some keys about prices:

  • Dubai International Airport, USD 50 for 4 hours.
  • Minsk National Airport, USD 35 and USD 12 for each hour after the first.
  • Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport, around 54 USD.
  • Budapest-Ferenc Liszt International Airport, 24 USD.
  • Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is $77 for 2 hours; when booking online around $50 for 6 hours.
  • Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, about 54 USD.
  • Hamad International Airport, 50 USD.

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