June 22, 2024
Dubai in Limited Days

Dubai, the city of gold and extremes is one of the best travel destinations on this planet. No matter how much time you spend in this marvelous city, you will not get bored of it. However, as a tourist, you don’t have to stay there for a long time. Your only try is to explore the maximum part of this beautiful land during your short stay in Dubai.

However, as a first-time visitor, you may not scrutinize Dubai in limited days because you don’t know much about it. Therefore, we are here with a guide to assist you in exploring this marvelous land in a limited time. As you have a limited time, you must have a car. It’s obvious that you are not going to buy a car, you just have to rent it. Due to the presence of several car rental companies in Dubai and easy terms, it’s not a tough task to rent a car there.

You can easily go now to rent a car in Tecom (known as Barsha Heights as well), Dubai Internet City, Dubai Marina, Media City, and other regions of this spectacular emirate. Once you rent the car, the next step is to explore Dubai before your tour ends. So let’s start it.

Start From Sheikh Zayed Road

As you have a limited time, you must start your journey in Dubai at the worldwide famous Sheikh Zayed Road. This is the main highway of this splendid city. The reason to start from there is that you will get a chance to explore a lot of monuments on this highway. The experience of driving a luxury car on this road is something else. You will never have enjoyed a ride in a car to that extent. You will have enough time to stop and explore several touring spots that are present near this road.

Ski Dubai

Your first stop is going to be Ski Dubai. Just imagine how fun it would be to explore a snow resort in a city that is situated near the world’s biggest sand desert. Ski Dubai will have a lot of things to offer you. You will love skiing, skating, and meeting penguins in this amazing square.

Lost Chamber Aquarium

After getting free from Ski Dubai, your next stop is going to be the Lost Chamber Aquarium. You will be amazed to see this gigantic aquarium that is a house of many aquatic animals and plants. You will also get a chance to see the scuba divers in this aquarium that check different aquatic species. Furthermore, you will have a chance to enjoy Atlantis Water Park as this aquarium is present at the same site.

Dubai Creek Cruise

You will never want to miss the opportunity of cruising around Dubai Creek. You will find it on Sheik Zayed Road and it has a thrilling ride to offer you. After driving on the road, it’s time to explore some water paths in this creek. Since it’s close to Barsha Heights, you can rent a car in Tecom and easily drive to Dubai Creek where you will find many cruises ready for you.

Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall

Both these iconic places in Dubai are present very close to each other. First, you should explore Dubai Fountain. The amazing patterns of water discharging from this gigantic fountain is something that you have never seen before. After that, you have to move a little bit to explore Dubai Mall. This mall is full of fun activities. Apart from shopping, many amusements are also present there. You will also see a lot of quality restaurants there. Pick any one of them and have a delicious lunch.

Burj Khalifa

Very next to Dubai Mall, the world’s tallest building is situated. The scenes of this wonderful city are just amazing from the top of Burj Khalifa. Soon after you get inside this building, you just have to pick up the elevator. After that, your first stop should be level 148. From this level, you can witness the whole Dubai.

Desert Safari

Never return from Dubai without enjoying its amazing desert safari. Book a desert safari or get a range rover to have an unmatchable experience of dune bashing. You will get many other thrilling activities there. Camping, BBQ Dinner, night shows, and amazing rides are some particular fun activities in this desert safari.

Bottom Line

It does not matter how much time you have, you just have to make full use of it to explore this city of extremes. If you have an extra day, make sure to visit nearby regions of Dubai as well.

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