May 29, 2024
Taj Mahal

Many visitors only get one chance to experience the taj mahal private toursĀ so they want to document the experience with many pictures. But if you’re a dedicated photographer and want to bring home some truly breathtaking shots of the Taj Mahal, I’ve got some advice to help stack the chances in your favour.

Cross the river, and more so on Fridays.

Before starting your taj mahal private tourĀ you need to do some survey of the area. You should visit Mahtab Bagh, also known as the Moonlight Garden, on the other side of the Yamuna River to get a new perspective. Since you will stay in town for at least a few days, getting to the gardens is as simple as hailing a cab.

The gardens are fine, but the sight of the Taj Mahal’s backside across the river is the primary attraction. Tripods are not permitted in the Mahtab Bagh, so going to the beach for a better view may not be an option. There is a cost to enter.

Get Here Earlier

Seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise is a must on any once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you can get there early, you can expect fewer people. I wouldn’t say I like having people in my photographs at a place like this, but having some space to move around is good.

When you arrive, expect to wait in the queue and go through security procedures. There will be limits on what you can carry with you, and the women’s column moves much more slowly than the men’s. You may be charged a ‘professional’ fee or have your tripod confiscated if you bring it. Put the tripod away, please.

Remember your polarising and haze filters.

Glare and haze, while always present, can be mitigated using a polarising filter. Remember that the morning or sunset straight-on shot from the pools is ideal for such a filter because of the angle at which the light enters the lens.

Contrary to the Norm

Once inside the grounds, the first logical step is to enter through the southern entrance and take in the sights. Feel free to stare. The initial perspective through the arches is breathtaking.

Stop staring and start moving ahead but in the opposite direction of everyone else. Ropes direct non-Indians to the left, up some stairs, and onto the dais, while Indians enter through a different door on the right. To get the most excellent shots of the sunrise, you need to be on the building’s right side (right = East).

You must remove or put your shoes in coverings before entering the dais area. To begin taking pictures in the morning light, you should move away from the building to the right side of the dais.

Let the Sunshine In

If you get there early, you may become too excited about the extra space you have to take pictures. It could take the sun a couple of hours to fully illuminate the building, by which time you would have been jolted awake. However, timing is everything, so don’t rush things.

It’s Not Just the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal consists of three buildings: the main, mosque, and guest houses. The open structure is said to have been constructed to counteract the mosque’s Islamic design. Visit these buildings to see how their colours and styles contrast with the white of the Taj.

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