May 29, 2024
The best things to do in the Dubai desert

We can quickly forget it in front of the excess, the luxury and the modernity of this city, but Dubai is at the gates of an immense desert. Many of the city’s inhabitants are directly descended from the Bedouins, and the Dubai desert still holds a very important place in Dubai’s culture today.
During your stay in this emirate, it would be a shame not to take the opportunity to visit Dubai , while discovering at the same time its desert as well as the many activities that are offered there throughout the year. Safaris, 4×4 or quad excursions in the dunes, helicopter flight over the desert… in this post, I will present all of them in more detail.the best things to do in the Dubai desert . Have you thought about taking your sunscreen? So let’s go !

Precautions to take before going to the Dubai desert

As you can imagine, the desert of Dubai may be a beautiful place, but it is not really welcoming. It is therefore necessary to prepare well before going to the desert. During the day the temperatures can be scorching and you’ll be hard pressed to find a shady spot, and at night it can often get really chilly, and even freezing in winter.
It is therefore imperative to prepare yourself well. You will need comfortable walking shoes , which will allow you to walk in the sand, but also a hat (preferably with wide brim) to protect you from the sun, sunscreen and sunglasses . During the winter, plan a sweater if you are going to stay in the desert in the evening.

Take a Dubai Desert Safari

The most popular activity of all is undoubtedly the safari. On board an all-terrain vehicle, you will go deep into the Dubai desert, to cross the dunes and discover all the beauties of this region. The drivers behind the wheel of the 4×4 are perfectly accustomed to driving in the middle of the desert, and they will know how to adapt the journey to your taste, depending on whether you prefer a sportier or calmer driving style.
Several types of safaris are offered, during some excursions, you will make a short stop in the heart of the desert to try your hand at sandboarding (surfing on sand), or to take a short camel ride. You can also choose to stay in the evening, to admire the sunset in the Dubai desert. You can even choose to spend the night there in an authentic Bedouin camp .

To make the most of your visit to the Dubai desert, it is important to choose the right provider to avoid unpleasant surprises. I recommend that you book your Dubai desert safari online. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on the type of excursion you choose. In the rest of this post, I will offer you three examples of desert excursions that have already made many travelers happy.

The 4×4 safari with sandboarding, camel ride and barbecue

This is an exciting program! For this outing in the Arabian desert, you will first be picked up at your hotel, before setting off on a 4×4 journey through the heart of the thrilling dunes. You can do some surfing on the sand, and before sunset you will also have the opportunity to take a camel ride.

During the evening, you will enjoy the atmosphere of the camp and you can enjoy a good barbecue and attend shows such as a belly dance or a demonstration of falcon breeding.
The meal is a free buffet, but don’t worry, there is plenty to feed everyone. If there’s a line to help yourself, don’t hesitate to walk away a bit to enjoy the scenery and come back a little later.

At the end of this activity which lasts approximately 7 hours, you will be driven back to your hotel. Like a lot of activity in Dubai, the prices are surprisingly low, since it will take between 30 € and 40 € per person.


If this is your first trip to Dubai or your first desert safari, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough. The proposed format and program will allow you to have a global overview of the different possible activities, which you can deepen if you wish later 🙂

The diversity of the program and the affordable cost of this activity will make you have a great day and you will keep unforgettable memories!

Find out more about the desert safari by clicking here

Also note that some Dubai passes may include an activity or a day in the desert, in addition to the classic activities: Burj Khalifa , water parks , activity or visit to Abu Dhabi ,…

If you want to cross the dunes yourself, you can choose a Dubai desert tour instead, during which you can take the controls of a quad .
For about €70 per person, you can do all the activities of the previous excursion, and also enjoy a real moment of freedom and adventure during a quad session of 45 to 60 minutes. An instructor will be there to accompany you and give you some instructions to help you make the most of your experience.

With this type of excursion, you can take advantage of all that is already offered in the shorter safaris, but after the barbecue after dinner, you can spend the night in an authentic Bedouin tent .
In the morning, you will have the opportunity to admire the sunrise over the dunes of the Dubai desert , you will enjoy a typical breakfast and you will again be able to take a short ride on a camel. You will then be driven back to your hotel or wherever you were picked up the day before.

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