June 22, 2024
Travel Agency: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a thousand ways to travel. The opposite extremes being, on the one hand, travel with a backpack and total improvisation on the spot, and on the other hand, the circuit organized in a group with a timed program, travel by coach and nights in a club. And then there are happy mediums and different standings of course.

We may want freedom without having to worry about journeys or booking accommodation and we may also feel the need to be supervised, guided or translated.

In addition, to live a particular experience (sporting, cultural, unusual trip…), we sometimes lack the resources and knowledge necessary to carry out our project by ourselves and the travel agency will then be a true partner of our project. And of course, when looking for an economical option, taking advantage of group travel offers will prove to be less expensive than going alone for equal standing. Not to mention that preparing for a trip takes a lot of time and leaving overnight in one click can be tempting.

If you are hesitating to call on a tour operator for your next escapades at the end of the world, I present to you here the different options of travel agencies, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach.

And then I recommend the Evaneos agency with your eyes closed if you have a travel plan.

Traveling with an agency: What are the options?

Organized trips rhyme, in most people’s minds, with a hellish pace, a crowded bus, meals on a table of 30 noisy people, timed visits and above all, a guide who walks you around with an umbrella or a flag raised to avoid not lose his sheep.

Be careful, do not confuse low cost circuit and travel agency!

travel agency advantages disadvantagestravel agency advantages disadvantages
Of course, when travelers’ priority is to leave at the lowest cost and they call on tour operators to take advantage of the lowest prices on the market, the quality of the trip is often impacted and the size of the group disproportionate, since the The very principle of low cost is based on economy of scale.

However, some travelers benefit from it because they also go to meet people, like the jovial atmosphere of groups and absolutely do not feel the need to travel by themselves. The senior categories are mainly fond of grouped circuits because they are more sensitive to the security aspect that this offers them. However, I often come across retirees on the road who take the step of going to an agency, but without a group! And the young, more broke than the old, are often seduced by promotional offers from agencies, whether for trips as a couple or with friends.

For those who are allergic to groups, who prioritize travel flexibility and immersion in a culture, going with a travel agency will also allow you to make the trip that suits you best because there are offers for all tastes, on all themes and for all budgets. If you belong to this category of travellers, you will have every interest in taking advantage of tailor-made or self-guided stay offers, self-guided tours or flight+hotel combos in order to carry out excursions and visits on your own.

Here are the different types of organized trips that exist:

Self-guided tours (autotour, you have a vehicle, accommodation and excursions reserved but you make the journeys by yourself)

Cruises (from the 20-cabin boat to the 2000-cabin liner)

Flight + hotel stays (you go alone and are free to organize your day with optional à la carte offers)

Tailor-made trips (you make your trip according to your conditions, your standing, your schedule, etc.)

Thematic stays (relaxation, sports, cultural, nature, unusual, solidarity, family, honeymoon… beware, the size of the groups varies according to the agencies)

Depending on the type of trip chosen, the experience will be very different and the price too.

And then, you can choose to go with a travel agency in France or a local travel agency based in the country of destination.

It’s up to you to clearly define your priority and don’t forget to contact your agency by phone to find out exactly what you are about to buy, which will limit the risk of disappointment.

Questions to ask before booking a service with a travel agency:
What is the maximum group size on tours and excursions?

Are repatriation / health insurance included?

Without hesitation, my favorite travel agency is Evaneos ! In direct contact with a local travel agent, you personalize your accommodation, your itinerary, your activities and much more. Quotes are free and without obligation.
The advantages of a travel agency
travel agency benefitstravel agency benefits

For all types of organized trips:

You won’t have to worry about buying transport and booking hotels.

The visits will be booked in advance, you will not queue and you will not risk missing an unmissable event for lack of anticipation.

You will not have to think about your local trips, a vehicle being at your disposal for all trips.

You will have nothing to do in the event of a problem (loss of luggage, health problem…), the agent will take care of it for you.

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