April 23, 2024
Visiting London with the family: back from our weekend with baby!

That’s it ! We were looking forward to this weekend in London with the family ! We love this city, we go there regularly. From Lille, I admit that it’s easy with the Eurostar. This time, we are visiting a couple of expatriate friends (with children too).

We had taken the tickets 3 months before to benefit from the advantageous rates of the Eurostar. Look regularly because there are many offers ( eurostar site ). As Louis was not yet 2 years old, the train is free, he travels on our knees. Well I admit it, we are a bit cramped anyway, especially since at 17 months, he doesn’t really stay in place! But with a bit of luck, free places will be available around you!

We stayed 3 days, in relaxation mode. The goal was to live London style with our friends . No running in museums, or other ultra-busy schedule! So we really visited London as a family : 2 couples and 2 children!:)

Once arrived at St Pancras station (around 8 p.m.), we head for the taxis. The weight of our suitcase and the late hour made us opt for this choice. We will take the metro for the return. The suitcase will be lighter (well, not sure!!).

In front of the taxi line, we question the driver for baby transport. Euuuuh and there moment of solitude, our English fails us. We don’t understand what he tells us about the stroller. “Okay darling, we’re going to have to get back to the English level page because there, it sucks” .

The driver ends up taking things in hand and shows us THE solution! He brings the stroller in with the baby in front and “parks” it in front of the seat. (A picture is worth a long speech). Not common indeed. Have you seen this before?

The stroller in the taxi, original isn’t it?

That’s it, we arrive in the CLAPHAM district where we will spend our weekend in London with the family .

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Visiting London with the family: 2nd day

Clapham/Covent Garden/Trafalgar Square: essentials to discover in London.
In the morning, head to the small Clapham market , located near Clapham Common tube station. You will find in this small street market only food. Some stalls change every week.

Tip: be careful, do not go there before 10 a.m. because the stands will not be set up!

This small market allows us to buy some fruits and vegetables for the weekend. A few organic stands are eyeing us.

London with familyLondon with family

Along the way, we take the opportunity to taste delicious empanadas. Well it’s not very English but it brings back good memories of our road trip in Argentina!

Once our provisions are made, we take the opportunity to stop in the huge park called Clapham Common to play with the children. 89 Hectares to relax, play, picnic, and even take a dip. A swimming pool with a water bottom is provided for the children to take a dip in complete safety.

In the middle of the afternoon, we take a bus to go near the Thames for a nice walk. The advantage with the London Bus is that it is cheap and in addition you benefit from a superb view of the city and the different districts.

Note for pushchairs on the bus: only 2 “unfolded” pushchair

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